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Job Responsibility.

Orderlies provide basic assistance with everyday tasks such as eating, putting on clothes, shaving and bathing to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other inpatient healthcare settings. Their help, reassurance and companionship make a significant difference in the patient experience.

Salary and Years of Experience.

Based on the May 2017 salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), orderlies make a median wage of $13.07 an hour or $27,180 a year. Half of orderlies receive more, and half make less.

Orderlies are typically found in emergency departments, operating rooms, psychiatry, long term care, and orthopedics. In the US, orderlies have been phased out of health care facilities in recent years and their functions are now replaced by the patient care assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant
To become a hospital orderly, you will first need a high school diploma or GED certificate. Additionally, you will need to earn a CPR certificate to give you the life-saving skills necessary to work in a medical setting.


It's possible to become an orderly with a high school diploma. Once hired, orderlies receive on-the-job training. Some employers may also require orderlies to have certification in basic life support so that they are capable of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

While an Orderly can start almost immediately, both CNAs and Nursing Aides must take more extensive training and pass state examinations before they can be employed. Of course, this means that orderlies are paid the least out of these three career fields

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