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We are now hiring professional medical practitioners.

Open positions - permanent and temporary jobs


We are now hiring for multiple open position throughout the twin cities and its surroundings. Our clients consist of Healthcare facilities, Hospitals, Long term facilities, and Private individuals

Complete our employment application for any of the listed jobs (RN, CNA, LPN, TMA, etc.) and a representative will contact you to complete the application process. We offer highly competitive pay rates and provide a diverse environment where you are provided an opportunity to grow and offer your best service. Most staff members are ready and willing to make your employment with us a rewarding one.

Staff members are required to complete a state mandated background check and complete the necessary inhouse training prior to placement. We look forward to you joining our team of highly trained medical staff. Contact us today by phone or by completing the contact form.

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Step 1

Complete an online employment application and schedule and interview with a staffing agent.

Step 2

Complete the interview process, submit and complete all background checks and inhouse training.

Step 3

Get started in your new assignment. Gather all necessary information regarding your new assignment.

Step 4

Get paid every 2 weeks. Time cards are due every 2 weeks before 5PM on the last day of the pay period.
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